Externships are only available to students currently enrolled and in good standing with an Accredited College of Veterinary Medicine.

Shai B.

Externship Testimonials: “Just finished one of the best experiences of my life! In five and a half short days I learned how rewarding mixed private practice can be! I gained mentors, friends, and memories. Shout out to all of Countryside Veterinary Service and Dr. Stacey Funderburk for helping me grow as a veterinarian!”

Ashley V.

Externship Testimonials: ”My experience at Countryside Vet was exactly what I hoped it would be. I was looking for hands-on, mixed animal experience and I got a lot of it. I was able to practice skills like intubation and giving IV injections, help with dental procedures, and hone some surgery skills. I was also able to float horse teeth and give injections and vaccinations and help with procedures on cattle and pigs. It was one of the most fun weeks I’ve had in a while and I learned so much. It was a great way to find out what skills I need to work on and what parts of clinical practice I think I’d enjoy most. The veterinarians at this clinic make time for you to learn new things, thoroughly answer all your questions, and make sure you feel comfortable and knowledgeable about what you’re doing. I would definitely recommend spending some time at Countryside Vet. The entire staff is warm and welcoming and so fun to be around!”

Samuel D.

Externship Testimonials: ”I participated in a weeklong externship with Countryside Veterinary Services during the summer of 2021 between my first and second years of vet school. The entire team was accommodating and engaged me in hands-on learning. I practiced various skills including venipuncture, administering vaccines, and physical exams. I also had the chance to observe multiple surgeries and imaging modalities on companion, large animal, and exotic species. I highly recommend this experience for students interested in gaining mixed animal experience, as I myself had none beforehand!”

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