Treat your pet to a luxurious “day at the spa!” Our cleansing process will remove dirt, debris, and pet odor. Your dog or cat will leave feeling fresh and clean after spending the day with our groomer. If irritable skin is a problem, our medicated baths contain soothing agents to help relieve itching. Our grooming packages include a bath, full coat brushing, nail trim, ear cleaning, cologne dip, and a blow-dry. Our professional groomer on staff also provides haircuts for all breeds.

It is procedure to drop off your pet between the hours 8:00 and 8:30 in the morning, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu and Fri. When she is finished, someone on staff will call to let you know that your pet is ready to be picked up.

Grooming prices begin at $45, and due to different breeds, condition of coat, and time needed to complete services, prices are determined after your dog is assessed. All pets must be current on vaccinations, which can be given at our clinic on the day of grooming for your convenience. If vaccinations were given elsewhere, we will need a copy of their records either brought in the day of grooming or faxed to us at (217) 824-3052. Call our office to schedule an appointment, or to get any additional information on our grooming services.

Vaccinations:  For the safety of our employees and other pets, all dogs and cats are required to be vaccinated before grooming.  The required dog vaccinations include rabies, DHLP, and bordetella. The required feline vaccinations include rabies and FRVCP.

For The Matted Dog

For some breeds, daily brushing is recommended.  Long-haired breeds and double-coated breeds (such as a Maltese or Great Pyrenees) tangle and mat more than that of a slick coated dog.  Because of this, they need to have their coats properly cared for; especially if you want to keep the length and cut the breed is known.

A matted coat can cause numerous problems for your dog. First, matted hair is uncomfortable because as the hair mats tighter and tighter, it pulls on surrounding skin. When mats are left untended, the skin can split and become infected. A matted dog that gets wet may end up developing moldy hair or a fungal infection on his skin. Not only is this hard on your dog, but your wallet as well when you have to have him treated. Matted dogs can also end up with maggots on their skin that literally eat the dog’s flesh underneath the mats. Yet another costly problem for you to have treated, not to mention extremely painful for the dog.

Uncooperative dogs do not tolerate this pulling very well. It is stressful for them and painful if their skin is tight beneath the mats. Because of these reasons, de-matting costs more for the owner since it requires additional time. If your dog is matted upon arrival for a grooming appointment, we will be happy to explain other options. Often, the best solution for the dog is to simply clip/shave away the coat in order to remove all mats. If you wish to grow the coat back, we will suggest ways to prevent future matting. Our professional groomer will be happy to recommend a schedule and appropriate grooming tools for you!

Tips to ease the stress of dealing with a matted dog:

  1. If you prefer your pet to be styled in a fuller, fluffy cut, plan on staying a few minutes upon arrival to allow our groomer to examine the coat.  She can then point out any problem areas before grooming and let you know what to expect.
  2. Understanding that when attention has not been given to a dog or cat’s coat for months, a shave may be the only solution.
  3. Discuss with our groomer what kind of a cut you would like, and set a goal to eventually achieve that goal if your dog is matted for their first grooming.

This includes regularly scheduling grooming appointments and learning proper home maintenance for your dog or cat.

Countryside Veterinary Service is a flea free clinic. If a pet enters the clinic with fleas, he/she will be treated at the owner’s expense.

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